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Mac XWindows question

Now that a basic slink is running on my IIci I want to try X on this
machine. I don't expect much from it but want to see it anyway.

I installed the Xserver and fvwm together with the minimum amount of stuff
these packages need. Then I copied the XF86Config.eg from the server's doc
directory to the appropriate place and edited it; i.e. I changed /dev/mouse
to /dev/adbmouse and saved the file.

A "startx" gave me a blue screen with an xterm in the upper left corner.
(blue ink and black background, very ugly) The window manager wasn't running
so I had to invoke it before I could do anything.

Now to the questions: Where do I find a Mac specific explanation of the
XF86Config options? I think it should be possible to mimic the three mouse
buttons with combinations of Option-Mouse and Command-Mouse but I didn't
find the appropriate entry in the file.

Then I'd like to change the color of the screen and I want fvwm to start up
automatically. Is this possible?

Resolution: The screen is currently running at something which looks like
600*400. The card is recognized as "cfb8" and allows 800*600 in MacOS. Can I
have this resolution in X as well?

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