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Re: Which JVM can I use?

On Wed, Apr 28, 1999 at 08:50:37AM -0700, Malcolm Walker wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Apr 1999, Thomas Adams wrote:
> > I need a JVM for a programming class and wonder if there is any way to get
> > JAVA on an m68k Linux box. It has to have threads btw.
> I got kaffe (www.kaffe.org) to compile and work on my SE/30.  However, it
> takes a *LONG* time to configure (~2 hours) and compile (~6 hours)  I used
> a hacked-up version of 1.0.b3.  I think they're on 1.0.b4 now.  I no
> longer need Java so I haven't kept it up to date.  I also don't like
> waiting 6 hours.
> Anyway, you can check them out; it's a pretty good version.  Dunno how
> good their thread support is, but it "worked for me" for my simple
> programs.

Also there are several native code compilers out there, don't know if
they do m68k though. Also i guess some kind of java to C compiler
should permit you to test some stuff, maybe, don't know about thread

Alternatively, you could look at ocaml, sure it is no java, but a ML
family language, but it produce some kind of bytecode as well as
native code (altough not for linux/m68k, but does for sunos/m68k so
...) and there is a virtual machine available for m68k, even a debian
package (you will have to get the source package, perhaps remove the
make opt entry from the rules file and do it yourself, since i didn't
have time to build the m68k package).



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