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Re: SE/30 not booting

Christian T. Steigies wrote:
> > Be careful using tricky screen calls however; the 6x11 font is broken and
> > will do funny stuff without warning if you:
> > -edit text in the middle of a line
> > -scroll up or down a lot
> > -hold your nose the wrong way
> >
> > Hence, a 2.1 kernel is desirable from this aspect as it lets you use the
> > VGA8x8 font.  I couldn't get 2.0.36 to use it.  The downside to the nice
> > fast font is that you can't see the whole screen at one go.
> Never heard of that problem, that sounds funny. Isnt it worth a note to
> linux-m68k?

linux-m68k doesn't know about the 6x11 font (and Geert will refuse to take
responsibility for that driver). I've warned against using this font
times on various mailing lists. The kernel option video=font:VGA8x8 (2.0)
or video=macfb:font:VGA8x8 (2.2) should help (I haven't seen a 6x11 font
in ages
on my SE/30, regardless of kernel version).


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