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Re: kernel trouble

Matthew Egger wrote:
> I got the base system installed on my IIsi, and I've run into a wall.
> After the filesystem mounts, I get several "BAD KERNEL BUSSERR" messages (a
> lot actually).  The following is the last error message before the machine
> stops dead.
> Current process id is 171
> BAD KERNEL TRAP: 00000000
> PC: 00004018
> I'm using the kernel that came with Penguin-17 (2.0.36).  Any ideas?  I

We don't ship kernels with Penguin-17, but with the Install.sit ... if
what you mean.

> haven't gotten an FPU yet.  Could that be the cause of the problem?  Also,

Very likely. Try an updated kernel from baltimore.wwaves.com

> I remember hearing about the IIsi having  a "flacky" keyboard driver.  How
> about that?

What about it? The keyboard may suddenly stop working in Linux, that's


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