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Re: Lowmem install on IIsi

Matthew Egger wrote:
> Macintosh IIsi
> 5 MB RAM

Stop right there. 5 MB on a IIsi (or any other Mac with RAM based video) 
is not enough. Get more RAM, or use a Nubus video card. 
> You do not have enough RAM, hence you must boot using the Boot Disk for Low
> Memory systems.
> I looked for this "Boot Disk for Low Memory systems", but I couldn't find
> it anywhere.  Finally I checked the Amiga tree and found a file called
> lowmemrd.bin.  I tried to use this as my Ramdisk in Penguin but it seems to
> hang after:
> ----------------------------
> RAMDISK: Compressed image found at block 0
> VFS: Mounting root (minix filesystem).
> ----------------------------
> I still have a blinking cursor and can hit return to get a new line.  I
> waited quite a while.  Do I need to wait longer?

No, it crashed (no FPU as I see below, and I guess you didn't replace the 
kernel with a more recent version that would have functional FPU support). 

Anyway, the lowmem install requires you to first set up your partitions, 
then load the ramdisk filesystem to disk from the rescue _floppy_. No
floppy support in the Mac kernel, end of install. Incidentially, if
would like to implement a workaround in the lowmem install that reads the 
ramdisk image from a disk filesystem at this step, I'd be glad to point
out the files to start hacking on in the boot-floppies source.

> Both an ethernet card with FPU and a 17 MB RAM upgrade are on their way,
> but I am somewhat impatient and would like to start playing now.

Be patient. With more RAM and a FPU, the install should be a breeze
you are hit by the flaky keyboard driver). Without, no way.


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