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Re: Quadra 660av Kernal Problem

Michael Schmitz wrote:

>Jack Charles Swan wrote:
>> I am having trouble locating a stable kernal for the Quadra 660av.
>> Could you please recommend one?
>Could you please wrap your lines properly next time?

This kernel works well for me on my 660av.


If you have any problems, it's likely from add-on boards.  Do you have any
Nubus cards installed?  Any accelerator products or other external SCSI
devices?  Note that Mace ethernet is *not* currently working on the m68k AV

>> The kernal (linux) that comes with the install.sit.hqx has some
>> problems. The major problem is that it reports a 68040 bus error
>> -sometimes- (and maybe a SCSI bus error, can't tell since the
>> screen goes black on blue). I have checked every part and all the
>> software of my system, and did reinstalls, etc. Also that kernal
>> can not be booted with the video interrupt feature checked on
>> Penguin, and it can not be booted with the init boot option
>> checked on penguin.
>What version of MacOS are you running? So far, I've only heard of machines
>that had trouble with the VBL interrupt button _un_checked. The color
>should be fixed if you use the 'color by Penguin' option.

The *only* item I check below the "Command line:" box is "Color by Peguin".


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