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Quadra 660av Kernal Problem

Hello everyone,

I am having trouble locating a stable kernal for the Quadra 660av. Could you please recommend one?

My system is a Quadra 660av with 68mb, about a 230mb Quantum Prodrive ELS, CD, ZIP drive, Best Data Modem on the serial port, Laserwriter Select 310 on printer, AppleColor HiRes RGB monitor(13'?).

The kernal (linux) that comes with the install.sit.hqx has some problems. The major problem is that it reports a 68040 bus error -sometimes- (and maybe a SCSI bus error, can't tell since the screen goes black on blue). I have checked every part and all the software of my system, and did reinstalls, etc. Also that kernal can not be booted with the video interrupt feature checked on Penguin, and it can not be booted with the init boot option checked on penguin.

Other kernals do not show color correctly, and show some whacky image in the top corner (left or right). And some kernals show double text or more, and then stablizes in one part of the screen (totally unusable).

I have one of the 2.0 kernals working now, but am not sure it does not sometimes have a bus problem.

Can anyone recommend a kernal for my setup? Mainly I just want to use my HD using the format method recommened in the install guide, PPP (internet), X and a browser and IRC client, and perhaps a couple other applications.

Also does anyone have PPP config instructions? The mac install guide and the debian book have slightly different ideas, and I have tried both. (is the serial port enabled on the kernal?).

I have printed a copy of the debian book, the mac install notes, and other notes. Also I have orded the m68k Debian disks and the source disks which may be here in a few weeks.

Thank you for your help,

Jack Charles Swan

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