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Re: Mac Quadra 660av kernal reply

Jack Charles Swan wrote:
> On my browerser/emailer, I am using Cyberdog 2.0. Your lines actually came
> out rather strange, so perhaps it is this client of which I am not
> switching yet.

My lines were a bit too long in the composer and got wrapped by either 
the SMTP server or by Netscape. It's a misfeature of Netscape to allow
arbitrary dimensions of the composer window when I specify to wrap 
lines .... I hate this almost as much as seeing infinite long lines.
> I am using the color by Penguin option, which is why the problem is so
> strange. I am using System 7.5.0 since the recommended system in the
> install manual will not run on this machine. I could use 8.1 if it is
> better.

I think 7.5.0 should be fine, I'd rather advise against 8.1. The Penguin 
color map should give sane console colors; does the booter switch the 
colors at all while still at the Mac desktop? For me, the effect is that
the Penguin console window gets a black border that wasn't there before, 
and that the colors in the screen background change. That's both with and
without a 'Penguin Colors' file present, in 8 bit color. 

If you use something other than the builtin video hardware, try disabling
extensions on booting. 


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