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Any idea out there about this behavior?


    I've got one here that is driving me nuts!  Can't seem to change it

    I have one 840AV that runs Debian just fine.  NuBus ethernet card,
so I don't rely on the onboard Sonic controller.  Works well.

    Same exact Debian on another 840AV fails to boot, and stops at the
init of the serial ports.  Dies right there.

    Same machine runs NetBSD (1.3.2) fine.

    I've tried three different versions of MacOS, which is fine and the 
serial ports work fine too.  7.5.1, 7.5.3 and 7.6.  Extensions On, ALL OFF
and nothing seems to make any difference.

    Also tried three or four different kernels; 2.0.33 and 2.0.36 variety.

    Could it be the video card?  This one has an old SuperMac and the 
is using the builtin video.


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