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Re: Mac Install Problems with Slink

Bob Newhart wrote:
> >Did you use the mac/install.txt from the 2.1 distribution? That ought to
> >be
> >up to date. The versioon on the Mac68l web site isn't; I'll have to work
> >on that yet. If you have suggestions for the install guide, please write
> >something up, by all means.
> Yes, I used the 2.1 distribution version.  The problems that I had were
> small things, such as figuring out that the modem port corresponds to S0
> and the printer port to S1.  I never did manage to get mac-fdisk or
> disktool to make a partition that would be recognized as a swap
> partition.  After install is complete, /root/pkgsel disappears forever,
> which seems kinda lame if installation gets interrupted.

I can't remember which of the serial ports is ttyS0 myself. They should be
equivalent anyway. But a note 'the modem port is ttyS0' in the install
can't hurt.

Can't say anything to the disktool and mac-fdisk problems; I'm sure I used
disktool in one case but that's some time back. The mac-fdisk man page is
included in the install docs, don't know if that helps. Please send the
of mac-fdisk -l for me to compare with what I get from partitioning with 
HD SC Setup.   

/root/pkgsel is supposed to be cleared after the initial boot. It
apparently gets cleared even before the whole initial setup completes...
the packages you selected stay selected until the selection is changed 
in dselect. pkgsel isn't intended for anything beyond initial install.

> The portion of install.txt dealing with what needs to be placed on the
> Mac harddrive prior to installing does not adequately differentiate
> between installation from floppy and installation from harddrive.

I've tried to differentiate without bloating the text too much. Please
> A how-to on 'dselect' geared to people that have never used it certainly
> wouldn't hurt, either.  Using a PPP connection to install and running out
> of disk space along the way makes one become proficient with dselect
> rather more quickly than one might think.

My how-to on dselect would be: use as little as possible. Skip the
step after selecting the adequate profile, the rest should be easy enough
use. There's a dselect-beginners.html in disks-m68k, 

The profiles aren't perfect but you can later install additional stuff
using apt-get easily (or remove packages just as easy).

Running out of space would be a result of picking the wrong profile I
but I've heard rumours of apt messing up the required disk space
so it might be a real bug. I've not a lot of experience with anything
the base system install. 

> Including the 'man' command in the base install would be _really_ nice.
> Not having it sucked as I was trying to figure things out.

manpages and man in the base system would bloat it by another meg (the
compressed tarball). So that's not likely to happen. apt-get install
man-db installs what you need. Anyway, this isn't m68k or Mac specific
(neither is 
the potential apt bug), should be discussed on debian-user. Be sure to
the archives there; I'm sure it's been discussed there before.


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