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Re: CDs: where are we up to?

On Fri, 5 Mar 1999, Steve McIntyre wrote:

> >> Recompiled and uploaded and installed yesterday. Same for
> >> dpkg_1.3.0.34 and mailagent.
> >Good.
> OK, so they just need to propagate through the mirrors then.

> and I'm just seeing errors from
> /debian/local/slinkcd-m68k
> m68k
> ======================================================================
> Failed:
>    Package: console-tools-data
>       console-tools(>= 1998.08.11-3)
>    Package: kbd
>       kbd-data(= 0.96a-12)
>    Package: kbd-compat
>       console-tools(= 1998.08.11-3)
> ======================================================================
> which will go away with a mirror-sync, yes?
This is what I understood from Roman, yes. So we are ready? Hurray :-)
(cant you pick those two packages from master?)

Now we only need the images... you say they could be ready by tomorrow, so
that I could burn them tomorrow afternoon? I have to use a Windows program
for burning, but it has been working the few times I used it to burn images
I created under linux.


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