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need help with mac68k install

I am also hving problems on boot-up; but I have not sucessfully started
Linux yet on my Mac. I want to use a Mac II (with PMMU) with 500 mb hard
drive (SCSI ID 6), 8 mb ram. Based on some other messages I saw here, I
had thought it might be problem with the internal hard drive; I tried a
different one (different brand), and ran into the same problem. The
Penguin booter (1.6) launches fine, and everything seems to be in order
until it gets to the lines: 

Loop: registered device at major 7
Macintosh SCSI: Resetting the SCSI bus...

and then it hangs. I have tried different settings in the booter without
success. Another person having a similar problem was advised to make
sure that they were using the most vercent version of the kernal; I
redownloaded the Mac installation files from ftp.debian.org's current
directory; the log file indicates that the bootstrap bootinfo is 2.0,
and the kernal's bootinfo is version 1.0.

I asked previously for some guidance in the debian-68 mailing list, but
received no help.

I am trying to follow the installation instructions written by Michael
Schmitz (v. 1.4) for debian/m68k installation, but cannot get past the
"testing" or pre-install step. Help, help, help. I really want to get
this running; I want to learn Linux.
fn:Constantine Karbaliotis

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