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Re: Slink release - what's left?

On Feb 11, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>   *     Added hfs.map for Apple people - not sure what to do with it yet.

On m68k and powerpc, add "-hfs -probe -map /usr/src/slink_cd/hfs.map"
to the mkhybrid command line.  That's all there is to it.

> Where are we up to on non-i386 boot/installation? If we're going to
> release together, which I assume is still the plan, then we need to get
> this sorted _soon_. I know someone (Eric? Stephane?) is working on the
> sparc disks and I have some support for them now. I've seen work ongoing
> on the m68k disks, too. I've not seen much for Alpha yet, but that may be
> my fault.

The m68k disks are close; we're very close to having the VME system
bootable and 2.0.36 kernels being used.

As far as the CD goes, making CD#1 bootable on BVME m68k machines
requires the boot image (at least the El Torito format one) to be the
bvme6000 rescue disk.  I've added a small hack to slink_cd to add the
necessary parameters for CD#1, but perhaps it would be better to have
env. variables like MKISOFS_OPTS_DISC[1-5] so each disc can have
custom options on the mkhybrid/mkisofs command line.  In theory Amigas
could also be bootable off the CD using Amiga LILO (I think Amigas
boot off CD using something different than El Torito), but that would
really be a potato addition.

The ISO volume IDs are important for Amigas and Macs (particularly the
latter) as the OS uses them as device names.  I have adopted
"Debian-ARCH 2.1 Disc N" as the format for the names on the m68k CDs.
The CD identifiers being used by dpkg-multicd should also be
arch-specific [at least for CDs 1, 2 and 5; CDs 3 and 4 should/can be
identical on all arches.]

I have a long-ish m68k-specific README that could become README.1ST
(or README.FIRST for those of us who have outgrown 8.3 ;-).  Or I
could come up with a brief one a la the i386 version that tells you to
read the m68k-specific README.

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