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Re: new bootdisks

On Mon, 18 Jan 1999, Christian T. Steigies wrote:

> Moin,

> Did you rename base2_0.tgz to base2_1.tgz? Perhaps dinstall wants
> base2_0.tgz, since I did not get the base installed with base2_1.tgz...
Yes, I had to rename to base2_1.tgz, sorry, I should have mentioned that.
> kullervo seems not to care about contrib/non-free/non-us, but it might be
> could if you could announce what you build nevertheless.
Yeah I would, to here, like I used to before buildd and friends exsisted.
> Oh, btw, somebody´s been nudging that we do non main packages also, so I had
> a look at non-us. Ill try everything that is not up to date, but feel free
> to have contrib and non-free for yourself ;-)
Hehe.. thanks, although non-us may not keep you that busy.  Im also
limited by HD space, I only have 470Mb or something for my / partition (I
only have / and swap).

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