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Re: m68k CD images: exec probs

On Jan 14, Ron Flory wrote:
> Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > I may end up hacking mkisofs to add support for the Amiga-specific Rock
> > Ridge extensions (see http://makecd.core.de/Rock_Ridge_Amiga_Specific)
> > so things may be executable from the CD-ROM.  But that's not a high
> > priority with slink on the verge (ha!) of being released.
>  What kind of Amiga 'executables' are we talking about?  I was able to
> make fully working AmigaDos icons/programs under Linux mkisofs, such
> that my RedHat installs required only mounting the disk and
> double-clicking any of the icons on the CD.
>  Please look deeper into this before making yet another oddball file
> format/extension.  Any execution problems may be due to the older
> AmigaDos filesystem drivers- mine were....

The only problem I can see with straight iso9660 is the s (script)
protection bit for scripts... if IconX doesn't require the scripts to
be script-executable there shouldn't be any need for the extra stuff
(which is fine with me, since I have no way to test the Amiga-specific
extensions... I can only test if they break under Linux).

Chris, who hasn't programmed a damned thing under AmigaOS in at least
two years and would like to keep that streak intact :-)
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