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I had previously written concerning DNS failure.  FWIW the case of the
NAMESERVER line in resolv.conf was the problem.  "NAMESERVER" doesn't work,
"namesever" does.

I had also mentioned getting "unexpected IRQ" messages.
These are not as benign as I had imagined.

The IRQ 3s on booting don't seem to hurt anything, however, once I had PPP
up and running I was getting IRQ 5s.  After a few of those My Mac would
reboot, with the bootup chord & no warning.  This happened both during FTP &
using Lynx (I don't have X up yet).

I using a 2.0.33 kernel dated 12/8/98.  Any suggested alternative?  There is
a 12/27 kernel on the Mac.Linux site.

BTW, does the kernel reside just on the Mac partition, as used by Penguin,
or is it also on the root partition?


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