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Re: Buddha Flash support?

Hi Christian!

> Moin,

> Are you talking about Buddha from Individual Computers, like Catweasel

I'm using a Buddha Flash card (Individual Computers), which is the
new version of the Buddha controller (but AFAIK uses the same hardware
except a clock port and a flash ROM.

> lucky you, only yesterday Jes has put a kernel image which supports
> catweasel (at least on my amiga) on sunsite in the testing directory.
> sunsite.auc.dk/pub/os/linux/680x0/testing/*catweasel*
> Unlucky you I did not compile in CV64/3D support, but you have a display
> for native amiga modes?

Yes, shouldn't be the problem. BTW, I've heard about problems when using
CV64/3D with a Z2 busboard - do these still exist?

> Even more unlucky you, you will most probably be
> bitten by the lchown problem. Cant find a glibc now which would fix this
> problem, only a not quite up to date. If you need it urgent, I can try 
No, it's not that urgent, I don't even have time to install it this or next
week, thx.

> put it on an ftp server somewhere, if its not so urgent, I will most
> probably upload the current version tomorrow. (Anybody still got my
> rejected upload to master? I deleted it yesterday...) With this glibc and
> with kernel 2.1.131 (or 2.2.0 ;-) Catweasel is supported and you "should"
> be able to install debian. You might have a little chicken and egg
> but I think its feasable. Please tell us about your experiances.

OK, but as I'm an absolute beginner and don't have much time in the moment,
this could take some time...

cU, Bali


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