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Re: Booting on Q610

Alpaca2500@aol.com wrote:
> Im trying to boot linux on my quadra 610.  when i tried only using the booter
> 0.4.0d15 and kernel vmlinux-2.0.33pl1-980925, i got this message after the
> partition check:
> Root-NFS : unable to open at least one networking device
> Root-NFS : unable to contact NFS server for root fs, using
>         /dev/fd0 instead
> VFS : cannot open root device 02:00
> Kernel panic : VFS : unable to mount root fs on 02:00
> ok, what the hell does any of this mean, and how can i remedy it.  i am
> completly new to linux and completely clueless.  thanks

In this case, read the damn install guide and booter documentation and 
don't just pull random kernels off the net. You're missing the root
kernel command option.


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