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Re: trying to run Debian on an Apple


Wich model of macintosh ar you running on?

It´s important ´cos there are several models don´t boot?

>I have been lurking on this quiet list for a couple of days.  I have
>access to a couple of old Apple Macs and I thought I would try and run
>Debian on one of them just for the fun of it.  I have been using Linux at

>home for a couple of years and Debian at home and work for about a year
>and a 1/2 so I think I should be able to do this.  I am doing this because

>my PC is now running with no problems and I need something different to
>mess with.
>I have looked at the Power PC and 68K Linux pages on the web and got the
>lists of machines Linux will work on.  I'll go pick one out this weekend.

>I assume that some of you are running Debian on old Macs. Anything I
>should know before I embark on this crazy little project.
>I eventually intend to connect it to a LAN which has an AMD K6 powered PC

>running Linux and an IBM Thinkpad running Windows.
>I am totally new to Apple computers - my total time spent in front of one

>will not even add up to an hour and that will be my biggest problem.
>I am cross posting to both the Power PC and 68K lists as I am not sure
>what I'll end up with.
>Any pointers from you guys is appreciated.

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