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Re: Drive errors and non-working mouse in X!

Yello sto0

Den 08-Nov-98 skrev sto0:

> b) In X windows (i`m using fvwm95 atm), the mouse i have (Amiga mouse)
> doesn`t want to work. Again,
>   there is nothing wrong with the mouse at all, and i have the amigamouse
> driver in /dev/. I even have
>   the softlink from mouse to amigamouse so that XF86Config can look at
> the mouse driver.


Well in my XF86config I have (for my 3 button mouse):

Pointer section

Section "Pointer"
    Protocol    "BusMouse"
    Device      "/dev/amigamouse"


and this works fine

Henrik Th. Farre
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