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scsi ethernet!

Hello All!

Check out http://www.netbsd.org/Hardware/scsipi.html:

Supported SCSI and ATAPI devices

     SCSI and ATAPI CD-ROM drives, and ATAPI CD-ROM drive/changer combos (cd)
     SCSI media changers, including Archive and HP DAT changers, and Exabyte
changers (ch)
     SCSI and ATAPI disks and floppies, including SCSI ZIP and Jazz drives, and
     arrays which masquerade as a SCSI disk (sd)
 *   SCSI Ethernet interfaces, including the Cabletron EA412 (se)
     SCSI scanners, including Umax and HP ScanJets (ss)

It says 'SCSI Ethernet interfaces, including the Cabletron EA412'! So more than
one type of these adapters is supported!
After some searching I found source at:

if_se.c and scsi_ctron_ether.h are the two files I downloaded to check out.
if_se.c has this comment included:

 * Driver for Cabletron EA41x scsi ethernet adaptor.
 * Written by Ian Dall <ian.dall@dsto.defence.gov.au> Feb 3, 1997
 * Acknowledgement: Thanks are due to Philip L. Budne <budd@cs.bu.edu>
 * who reverse engineered the the EA41x. In developing this code,
 * Phil's userland daemon "etherd", was refered to extensively in lieu
 * of accurate documentation for the device.
 * This is a weird device! It doesn't conform to the scsi spec in much
 * at all. About the only standard command supported is inquiry. Most
 * commands are 6 bytes long, but the recv data is only 1 byte.  Data
 * must be received by periodically polling the device with the recv
 * command.
 * This driver is also a bit unusual. It must look like a network
 * interface and it must also appear to be a scsi device to the scsi
 * system. Hence there are cases where there are two entry points. eg
 * sestart is to be called from the scsi subsytem and se_ifstart from
 * the network interface subsystem.  In addition, to facilitate scsi
 * commands issued by userland programs, there are open, close and
 * ioctl entry points. This allows a user program to, for example,
 * display the ea41x stats and download new code into the adaptor ---
 * functions which can't be performed through the ifconfig interface.
 * Normal operation does not require any special userland program.

So there actually is some type of framework for other SCSI ethernet adapters if
they're using a different set of commands.

I couldn't find (in my hurry) source for other adapters so maybe the netbsd
folks have already tried this driver with other adapters?

Could anyone test out netbsd with a non-cabletron SCSI ethernet adapter?
(If someone in teh netherlands with netbsd could reply we could test this
driver with my Focus adapter.)

So what's the next step to get this adapter's support into the kernel?


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