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Someplace else?


I've been watching ftp.wwaves.com for new kernel's, both 2.0 and 
the 2.1.120 run.  Is this the proper place to find them?

I'm currently running a base 2.0 system, but the kernel is 2.1.120
#14.  I found the 2.0 kernels non-functional as far as the network
was concerned with a NuBus Asante card, which works fine with the

I'm wondering if this is the same experience as others or not? 
The 2.0 stack seemed to work, as a telnet to localhost works fine
but nothing else other than ping to other systems on the ethernet.
It all works with 2.1.120.

The issues I see so far with it are these:

1) every other boot fails (hangs) as the kernel does see the builtin
   ethernet (Sonic) in all of these machines; 650, 700, and 840AV, 
   but sees it as an Illegal MAC address.  Doesn't see the MacCon
   (also an Asante) comm slot ethernet card in the 630 at all.  It
   doesn't kill the boot every time, fortunately.

2) the modules are all for the 2.0 kernel (are these available for
   2.1 somewhere)?

3) shutdown fails, but only after successfully shutting down all
   filesystems, but ends with an Illegal Instruction trap, dropping
   to a single user prompt, which does not respond to the normal
   Ctrl D or root's password.  The only option is to shut off power.

Anybody else see this behavior?  Should I be watching somewhere else
for the kernels?


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