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ongoing ppp troubles

I've got Debian 2.0.33 installed on my Amiga.  I
cannot get ppp to work. e.g., when I
run pppd, it tells me ppp is not in my kernel or the
modules are not loaded.  This is not true.
( I even learned to build a new kernel
to disprove it).

The problem MAY be that the kernel
has ppp2.2, while the pppd program
is version 2.3.5.  Is this possible??

I tried patching the kernel source with the new ppp
stuff, but this has failed several times. (And lots
of things that should have been automatic have failed.

For example there is a shell script in the ppp tree that when
run tells me my kernel is too old.  As best as I can
read the script, it thinks I have a version 1.something kernel.
I commented out those test lines and the patch kind-of sort-of
ran.--but I am not sure.  In any case, the kernel compile failed.)

A possibly easier alternative would be to
recompile the old source for ppp2.2 (so I could get pppd2.2)
and then at least everything will match.

Any help out there?
A newer kernel, tips on how to update the
kernel source tree to include ppp2.3.5

OR the old source to ppp2.2

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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