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Re: debian 2 install

Michael Schmitz wrote:

> >okas, thanx, so, i just need base2_0.tgz and amigainstall.lha to install
> >the BASE SYSTEM ???
> Yep. Unpack the .lha and voila, there should be a complete installation 
> guide. 
> The disks-m68k/common directory structure is hosed, Brian apparently didn't
> quite grok the point in having subdirectories there. No big deal, the Atari
> rescue disk is broken anyway. 

Just a few notes: We all know and have read that Debian 2.0 was released
last week, now officially supporting the m68k architecture. The only reason
why I did not add some notes on that subject here is just what Michael
said: The directory structure is not the way I want to see it, and one
file has still not been put into the correct place from its upload
directory. Once these things are fixed, I'll add my $0,02 worth of
announcement here. A bug report has been submitted against ftp.debian.org,
but was not yet answered/fixed.


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