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Re: New Packages


>> Three new packages were installed yesterday/today because of critical bugs:
>> 	  dialog_0.9a-12.0		(segfault problem with new ncurses)
>> 	  imap_4.2-1			(remote root security hole)
>> 	  wu-ftpd-academ_2.4.2.16-12	(request for credit for donated code)
>Ok, so you have accepted imap. Ok, I'll recompile it tonight.
>> In order for the m68k arch to match the i386 arch, these need to be
>> recompiled and uploaded before 18:30 UTC today.
>Today?? This simply isn't possible... Michael is doing xfree tonight
>(the -3 version, after he has compiled -2 yesterday :-), Stefan has to

Nothing will be finished here until late tonight (GMT-0800), I can only use
the Mac I'm compiling xfree on during off hours. Before uploading, I'll have
to sign it on my home machine. 18:30 UTC is noon around here :-)

>do egcs tonight (plus samba and wu-ftpd), and I'll do dialog,
>pstotext, and imap. But nothing will be finished and uploaded before
>tomorrow morning (CEST, == UTC +0200).
>> Sorry for the short notice, but at least I didn't let them update X
>> again. <smile>
>Again another one?? :-)

That figures. Just like the '2.2 will be there, sometime' story :-)


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