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Quadra SCSI? (and whither the linux-mac68k ML?)

Howdy!  I'm running a Quadra 605 with a 4.3G HD, 36M RAM, and an '040.
So far I've been able to get the 2.0.33p11 kernel to boot from the
Watchtower ramdisk just fine.  Keyboard, display both okay.  And yes,
as far as I can tell from the online docs at www.mac.linux-m68k.org, 
the 53c96 SCSI it uses isn't supported yet.  After going through the
comp.os.linux.m68k posts, So I see a mention from Michael Schmitz a 
few weeks ago about Dave Kilzner working it.  Are there any kernels I
should be trying and reporting back results from, that would help?

Also, is the linux-mac68k list working?  I haven't received _anything_
from it since subscribing several weeks ago, just debian-68k traffic.

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