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Re: Error installing the xbase

Marcus Johansson <marcus@students.physto.se> wrote:

> error setting ownership of symlink tc/X11/xinit/xinitrc': No such file
> or directory

> My system is: Linux 2.1.99, Amiga4000, 68060, CV64, etc...

It's a problem in recent 2.1 kernels: The behavior of chown was changed
to follow symlinks (because there is now lchown to operate on the link).
On i386, the syscall numbers were changed (i.e. lchown is now 16), so old
programs still work.

The only solutions are to use 2.0.33pl1 or to patch your kernel (Chris
Lawrence has sent a patch to the m68k kernel list recently).

Stefan Gybas

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