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RE: 68k mail list


>What I wanted to get on there for is to discuss my recent attempt at
>installation on my Mac IIsi.  I got the machine to boot OK, and it got the
>kernel loaded mostly, and I think I did something wrong with placing the
>correct files on the hard disk to continue from there, as it just hangs

Hangs where ? Any error messages, or other information to enlighten us?

>I need three files on there, the base, root and boot images, and I boot
>from the apple-only rescue disk, right?

Right (substitute resc1440.bin and drv1440.bin for root and boot image, but
I guess that's what you meant). Make sure the file names are correct. 
Make a note of the directory (folder) these files are in, as you need to
supply that information later. When installing kernel/modules/base system, 
use the 'harddisk (not mounted)' option and specify the partition name of 
your HFS partition. The menu option 'view partition table' should be helpful.
When prompted for the path to the Debian archive, enter the path to the
directory you put the install files in, starting with a leading /, and 
use the 'select from a list of all archive files' option. Skip all 
<path>/.resource/ and similar stuff and select /<path>/resc1440.bin (for

There's a short readme together with the Mac install disk image, but you sure
read it already ... should explain more or less what I've just repeated, for
the umpteenth time.


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