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dpkg: unable to chown symlink errors

Greetings, all!

I'm finally finishing up my really-big-upgrade from libc5 to libc6, and I'm
hitting a problem in dpkg.  On a few packages, it complains that it can't
change the ownership of symlinks.

I can work around this for most packages with a dpkg -x XX.deb /, but
dupload and tk8.0 are being stubborn.

This affects dpkg and .22.  Didn't notice the problem until I
started using 2.1.101 (because my system decided to crash every few minutes
while I was running 2.0.33pl1).

Any suggestions?  I know there were some chown issues in the 2.1.8x kernels,
but I was pretty sure this was resolved by now... (and this bug didn't
affect i386, where I was also running 2.1.101 last week).

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