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Re: dpkg and modutils ready for testing

Roman Hodek <Roman.Hodek@informatik.uni-erlangen.de> writes:

> I've now finished building modutils_2.1.85-11.0.1 and dpkg_1.4.0.22.
> Both packages are available at
>   ftp.uni-erlangen.de:/pub/Linux/LOCAL/tmp
> and in my home dir on kullervo.
> The new modutils is installed on kullervo, and it seems to work so far
> as I can test it there, since kullervo's kernel lacks module support.
> The dpkg build finally succeeded, after I gave up on my hacks to
> remove the source dependency on emacs. Instead, I installed emacs on
> kullervo... I tested the resulting dpkg to some extend and it seems
> ok, but I haven't dared yet to install it.

I tried and stumbled across lout, which is missing on my system.
I tried to compile it and it gave tons of warnings and segfaultet
later during compilation (when it uses itself).
Did you compile it without lout or did you compile an earlier Version
of it that worked?

May the Source be with you.

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