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RE: Installing on a Mac 6300.

That makes more sense.  Thanks for the correction.

On Sun, 26 Apr 1998, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> Hi,
> >Actually since it is one of the first PowerPC's, according to
> >linuxppc.org, it runs m68k linux, not PowerPC.
> Actually, I doubt it. I'm pretty sure about it, because I happen to
> coodinate the mac68k port of Linux-m68k. I've not heard of anybody 
> running Linux-m68k on a PowerPC machine. If it ran, you would be without
> support for the SCSI controller. Linux-m68k is useless for you either
> way.
> You might confuse m68k Linux (really Linux-m68k or Linux/m68k) with
> MkLinux, the Mach microkernel OS disguised as Linux. Linux-PPC doesn't
> support Nubus based PowerMacs, and the 6300 is probably such a beast. 
> MkLinux does support it. On the Linux-PPC mailing list, I've never seen
> mention of Debian, only RedHat. And that's for MkLinux and 'real'
> Linux AFAIK. Ask on debian-powerpc for their support of MkLinux.
> 	Michael

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