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Re: Bug in joe, or libc6?


>> Found it; it's #18085, 49 days old but still alive. Guess I'll forward to
>> the bug system :-(
>Not knowing the bug system at all, is it a problem in joe or libc6?

I don't know. It looks like a buffer overrun to me, and the segfault
happens in libc, but my gdb can't handle libc addresses properly. Might 
well be a bug in libc... 

>And if it's libc6, could it affect other programs as well?

It sure could. The moment it happens is where joe normally reports 
"File test.dat not changed so no update needed.", that should be right 
at the fclose() ... Lots of applications do fclose, and we should have 
noticed that kind of bug in libc ...

The weird thing is: after a change to the file, both backup file and new file
are closed properly. So the segfault happens after fclose. 


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