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dpkg and .deb format woes


I have a slight problem trying to install debian 2.0 beta.

I have gotten base 2.0 in place and trying to use dpkg-ftp to install
the rest of the packages. The problem is:

A) dpkg-ftp is looking in 'dists/frozen' and finds no packages (I have
'/debian/hamm' as "root" and the Packages.gz have been found
and updated).

B) When dowloading the packages manually it complains that the package
files are not debian package format. This happend both when I
downloaded from the AmigaOS side and under linux, only difference was
that it also complained about corrupt files when using those
downloaded under AmigaOS. And, yes, I was using binary mode. :)

I'm sure it's my fault, but what do I need to do to correct it?

Thanks in advance!

        /regards Anton

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