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Re: building older packages

"Stefan Gybas" <cab@studbox.uni-stuttgart.de> writes:

> Hi!
> I want to help building some older packages which are out of date on
> m68k or have not been built yet.


may be of some interest.[1] Also, please coordinate what you're
compiling with myself and, Franky
<Frank.Neumann@informatik.uni-oldenburg.de> (and CTS were he around)
so as to avoid duplication of effort.  {As you may or may not have
noticed, I've started abusing kullervo by getting it to compile
everything in sight, so it's a real possibility that any compilation
would overlap}

> One problem I found is that most of them have "unstable" in their
> changelog file (which was hamm at that time) and will now go into
> slink. What should I do? Change the changelog to "frozen unstable"?



has an option to do this munging automagically, and may be of some
interest to you anyway[1].

[1] Sorry for constantly plugging my own things, if something else
existed which did the same thing, I would, of course, plug them to.


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