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RE: Proposed config file for Atari kernel image


>I'm currently working (again) on kernel-* for m68k, and would like
>some feedback on this .config file for Atari's (Once that's done and
>working, Amiga, Mac etc. should simply be a matter of a new config
>file).  I've taken Jes' standard config file and merged it with the
>standard (ix86) Debian config file.  What do y'all think?

Great idea. What kernel version is it based on ??

># Filesystems

Who (on m68k) ever used ext??


or xiafs, for that matter?


Having NFS in the kernel would allow for root over NFS, or install over
NFS. To get installation via NFS, we still can first configure the modules
and the network before unpacking base, though. Just a thought.


SMB for an install kernel? What's NCP? 


Missing HFS and MAC_PARTITION there. But the current install stuff isn't up to
use HFS as install media anyway, nor for using all of the partition types 
together on a single machine. If Roman gets the generic partition code for 
dinstall into 2.0, having HFS and mac partition support in the kernel would be 
a plus for me (but I can always use the Mac kernel anyway).

Sounds fine ... if you want the 2.0 HFS and mac partition patches, ask me.


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