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Re: glibc-2.0.6-1 available for testing

On Mon, 5 Jan 1998, Hartmut Koptein wrote:

> > glibc 2.06-1 is availble for testing at 
> > ftp://apserver.experimentalphysik.uni-kiel.de/anonymous/debian-m68k/
> Fine! Did you make a newer version in the next days?? 2.06-2 ??
Yup, its in the works right now. If I didn't have a disk full at 4am tonight
it would be ready right now... I hate this fan *WROOOOM*
What do you mean by "Fine!" ? Is it working for you? It messed up my linux
includes when I installed the -dev package.
Prepare to see 2.06-2 and binutilxxx-17 tomorrow, the binutils are allready
finished, installed them and building glibc with them right now.
I'll upload glibc locally until somebody convinces me that they work ok. 
I do not want to erase the working 2.05c version from master...

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