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Re: Will there be a new list of maintainers posted?

Subject: Will there be a new list of maintainers posted?

well, as i see it there are two kinds of packages, some simply
have to be recompiled, others do need some more porting. 

for the easy ones: i do not think we should statically allocate 
them to a specific maintainer, anyone can compile them at any 
time. just make sure that they don't already exist in incoming 
when you upload them. (send an article to the list during uploading?)

the difficult ones: if someone encounters such a package and 
wants to work on it, (s)he might want to tell the people. so
the list should only include these packages.

if you agree the list will be rather short, which IMO is good. ;-)
currently i know only of util-linux being difficult. I'm not sure 
with netbase/netstd (they seem so, but i havn't tried them. hartmut?) 
and kbd (keymaps for atari/amiga in various languages, Frank?)?

what do you think of it? the current list would be a one-liner. ;-)

Sourcepackage	Package Maintainer (m68k)
=============	=========================

util-linux	Frank Neumann <Frank.Neumann@informatik.uni-oldenburg.de>


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