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Re: Well, I'm done... Who's next?

Leland Lucius wrote:

> I've uploaded all the packages I have ready, so who ever is next...

Checking.. *WOW*. Ugh. Lots. :-)

Ok, funny thing is just today I finally compiled part of 'my' packages
and made them ready for upload (bdflush, debianutils, kbd, loginutils),
but now I see I was too slow. :-}

Ok, now I'll have to finish util-linux, I guess..

> Anyway, I sure hope they are all correct!!!  PLEASE, mail me if you find 
> problems.

Will do so. But first I'll have to wait that they get assorted on master
and mirrored around the world (I won't try to get them all from master).

Well done so far,

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