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subscription confirmation # FUI725__DU


the trial period has expired today and your, yearly SUBSCRIPTION for microsoft defender, has been auto - renewed and it will be activate on 4th mar 2022 and the sum will COST $389.29 charged SUCCESSFULLY and it will be auto debit by your account in the next 24 to 48 hours.


billing____ DETAILS


activation CODE__ : - FUI725__DU


service DETAILS_-  window SOFTWARE antivirus (system)


BILL cost___$389.29


staring ON__- 4th   /03/2021


TRANSFER via __- remote banking


for more QUERIES about your order or if you wish to cancel it then immediately contact our HELP care department.


you can reach US at : - +1__ 845--(243)--3354


best________ REGARDS,



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