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Hi Brian 

Ok that would be great if we can:

Please see below: 

Dlange said: 

Madduck made this suggestion: 
Instead of sponsors@debconf.org (which gets a lot of spam), I thought we agreed on using something else, even if it's just sponsors-dc16@debconf.org (or that female name…) I think it was thandi@debconf.org 
Can this be confirmed please 

My Notes: 
2) CONTENTS PAGE: It would be a good idea to have a contents page, I can put an idea of what I am meaning, if this would help? 
1) Why Sponsor 
2) Debconf 16 and what to expect
3) Debian versus Debconf
4) Sponsorship Opportunities 
5) The need for Sponsorship

Those are just suggestions that I have taken from the Brochure and headers, but a good idea for Sponsors to be able to go directly to the part they might need to see, if they don't have time to read through all. 
Also makes the brochure it bit more formal and organised. 

Still needing 4: 
1) I have 1 from you 
2) Hopefully 1 from Kris Rose 

*** 2 still needed***

Noodles:  Johnathan Mc Dowell ..... I thought it might be nice to have a pic of someone who made a Quote, just to put a face to a Quote.  I can ask him for a pic, don't know him but I don't mind asking him. 
We could use it without him, and I can add another suggestion of a pic in there.....
Maybe of some one who is Important to Debian or Debconf that is on the board, and a quote from one of them, 
just to create a good impression.

BACK of the brochure PAGE: 
There is nothing for the back page so I thought it would be nice to end with something codey/a funny keygen (?) / or a nice saying that has a little bit of humour, just to end on a good note and perhaps a smile!!
Maybe something conceptual like a code they need to work out, or just a good quote .... need suggestions here. 

That is what I have for now, 


Tammy 082 674  9764

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