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Re: Next IRC meeting

On Monday, September 07, 2015 07:55:55 PM Bernelle Verster wrote:
>Dear all
>Our next IRC meeting is soon. As the dudle was announced and
>apparently decided on via IRC only, I don't know when, exactly, but
>there were rumours that it's tomorrow. We've got the monthly CLUG
>meeting tomorrow so I might be late or miss it - but please go ahead
>without me.
>I've jotted down an agenda. It, and more details as copied below is
>also available on the wiki minutes page [1].
>1 Items for discussion:
>1.1 Tasks page for volunteers
>1.2 Timeline
>1.3 Design
>1.3.1 Logo finalisation
>1.3.2 Website Design
>1.3.3 Brochure
>1.4 Website content, coding
>1.4.1 Front end
>1.4.2 Registration back end - wafer?
>1.5 Contracts
>1.5.1 SPI contract
>1.5.2 Venue contract
>1.5.3 Initial money to pay accommodation deposit
>1.6 Budgeting
>1.7 Sponsors
>1.8 Communication
>1.9 ShowMeBox
>[1] - https://debconf.org/wiki/DebConf16/Meetings/2015-09-09

Most of us will be at the CLUG meet.


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