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designing a website and logo for DC16

Hi all,

So, I think I may be guilty of unclear communication. I've checked my past email, and when I started chatting with Tammy and Bernelle I talked about "working on the DebConf 16 site", and then later when we filled out the design survey, I listed things we might need design work on:

- Website
- Logo
- Banners
- Signs
- T-shirts
- name tags

I can't find any clear statement that the logo is for the DC16 conference and website, so my apologies for the lack of clarity. Here's how it works: we make a new conference-specific DebConf logo every year, and use it for branding the website, t-shirts, signs/banners, and name tags. We'll still use the primary Debian logo where it makes sense, but the emphasis on the debconf16.debconf.org website will be the DC16 logo. We will not be making any changes to the primary Debian logo, only creating a new logo for DC16.

Hope this helps, and sorry for the confusion,

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