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Meeting notes: 2015-03-25 @19:30 UTC

Date: 2015-03-25
Chair for this meeting: nkukard

  - Things are looking good for now, we'll add to it as we go along

* Budget: nkukard
  - Postponed till end of month
  [todo] nkukard still to get in contact with madduck

* Accommodation: indiebio
  - Report back
  [todo] Have a local team meeting over lunch at UCT catering
  [todo] indiebio to explore contracting with Phelo
  [todo] (later) explore how enforced the no-alcohol policy is for
mature people.

* Sponsors
  - Report back
    - indiebio read through the DC15 sponsors brochure and it looks good
  [todo] indiebio will look into the sponsor brochure and touch base
with madduck after Easter. indiebio is also going to ask her lawyers
about the payments.
         - 200k budget EUR, one platinum sponsor, indiebio mentioned 1/10th
  [todo] cate suggests we get a meeting with -sponsors to finalize
levels and perks: email interim questions to
  [todo] wendar, superfly & volunteers then to work on the text
  [todo] cate suggests brochure should include ZAR and EUR/USD prices

* Hangover156: nkukard, madduck
  - Report back
  [todo] madduck to send email to list about it
  [todo] nkukard to poke madduck about the above

* Logo / Design Brainstorming: superfly (indiebio thoughts here:
  - Report back
  - Potential colour scheme: http://pbrd.co/1Bo7X29
  [todo] tumbleweed to bug his designer

* Website: superfly
  - Report back
** Conference management systems
  [todo] superfly to mail list about getting a wafer instance up and running
  - We need to organize a meeting for the site, including wafer vs.
summit ... etc
[todo] list pro's and cons of different conference management systems
and add collaboratively before and during meeting, ref
[todo] tumbleweed to find previous comparison done by debconf (before
wafer existed). Use that as base for refresh/new? comparison
  - wendar's list: https://da.etherpad.mozilla.org/conf-mgmt-software-advice
[todo] wendar & tumbleweed will spin up an instance of symposium to
check it out

  [todo] meetbot minuting stuffs? - nkukard and indiebio to take offline
  - we're announcing dc16 at the CLUG meeting on 14 April: what to
mention? teamroles, timeline, general overview. For people who want to
help, but not sure how, can start by joining the debconf-team email
(DC15 organising) and irc (#debconf-team) to see what's going on


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