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Re: First stab at a logo

Hi Raoul

On 05/03/2015 00:16, Raoul Snyman wrote:
So, I had this really crazy idea hit me just after the meeting...


Really really quick, dirty and rough draft. To get the creative juices

Conceptually I think it has some potential, but it has a strong resemblance to the City of Cape Town logo in terms of shapes and colours:


Another problem might be that people who see the logo might associate it more closely with CoCT and think that it's either endorsed, associated with it or sponsored by it, which may cause all kinds of trouble.

Conceptually it might still work though, if the shapes reduce in size smoothly and grudally and if it uses other colours it might work, but we'd probably still have to tread lightly.

Thanks for having a first suggestion so early, it will help get the creative juices flowing!


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