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Dinner Tuesday evening - Harfield Village


If you hadn't seen, yet, our Cape Town team won the bid to host DebConf
in Cape Town, in 2016. I'm in town this week, and so I'm rolling some
DebConf16 planning discussion into a CLUG dinner, tomorrow night.

Please come along if you are interested or feel like catching up, or
just feel like dinner with CLUG geeks.

I've booked a table for 15 at Fat Harry's, 166 2nd Avenue, Harfield
Village, Kenilworth, for 6:30 PM, as usual.

That 15 was just a thumb-suck, so kindly RSVP here [0] and I'll adjust
the reservation, tomorrow afternoon.
[0]: http://whiteboard.debian.net/fb924c.wb


Stefano Rivera
  +1 415 683 3272

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