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Resource question for debian-news.net

Hey there, happy New Year.


I just need a bit of help, I would like to send the person who is authorised to make changes to: debian-news.net a guide on data recovery that has been put together by experts in the field to offer support to people when a computer breaks. I thought this would be something you would be interested in linking to from a resource page on your site? maybe this page: http://www.debian-news.net/2007/10/27/rm-asus-minibook-169-laptop-pc-review/?


I have listed the guide below and I hope you find it useful.


How to recover lost data - http://cheekymunkey.co.uk/how-to-recover-data/


Also if this is not the correct email address to send this to, can you please let me know or forward this message on to the correct person? 

Thank you for your time.

James Smith


Kemp House,

152 City Road,






 Remove me from James's address book, don't worry he will not mind.


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