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daytrip proposals

I've been in Heidelberg, Speyer and Mannheim over the last weekend. This is 
just a first draft of my current thinking  / proposal about the day trip:

== culture trip ==

Daytrip to Speyer:

- arrival options: by bike / train, return all by train
  city bikes can be rented in Heidelberg and left in Speyer

- Historical Tour through Speyer (more details follow)
- Optional: Technologie Museum (14 Euro)

== Sport trip Option 1 ==

kayaking on the Neckar, rather expensive ~20 Euro

== Sport trip Option 2 ==

hicking in the woods / hills next to Heidelberg

== fun trip, easy entertainment ==

- No good ideas yet, maybe some guided event tour through Heidelberg?

See you in a few minutes!

Thomas Koch

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