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"Verein", and list of academics taking part in DebConf


right now it's all looking good wrt. DebConf Deutschland e.V. and
its foundation on 3 May in Heidelberg.

Lawyer Dr. Michael Stehmann (http://rechtsanwalt-stehmann.de,
mikeadvo on IRC, and very knowledgable in things Open Source and
Debian) has been patiently working through our bylaws and I am about
to make some more changes that I'll commit to Git ASAP. I'll move
the bylaws to debconf-data in the process.

Starting next week, I would like to get in touch with the tax
authorities and commence our application so that we can make as many
changes as possible well ahead of our foundation (this is standard
procedure). I am also registering another Verein at the same time,
so I can combine the two processes for less workload.

In the application, we'll state that we are active in the fields of
science and research (as well as education). Just in case we need to
back this up, it would be really useful to have a list of
Debian-affiliated academics with their degrees who are known to
speak at DebConf. There's tbm, zack, lucas, mako, biella, jesus,
myself etc. etc..


Would one of you be able compile a list that we can use to back up
our claim over the weekend? Name, degree, university, research web
page, …


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