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Debian Beering week of 12/1?

Fellow P-Debian-Xers,

Are folks available and interested in meeting up for a beering next
week?  I propose either Tuesday, 12/2 or Wednesday, 12/3 (whichever
generates more draw), at the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne at 7pm.


* Compare DC14 scars, recurring nightmares, personal highlights.
  We never did get together for that local team meeting/celebration,
  or perhaps we did, and I wasn't invited... :)

* Discuss the proposed BSP at New Relic in January.

* Welcome our guest DD, Rob Browning, who will be in town that week and
  may join us, work-schedule permitting.

* Enjoy ${LIBATION_OF_CHOICE} and discuss ${TOPIC_DU_JOUR}.

I'm too much of a Luddite to configure a Doodle poll, so let's go with
old-fashioned responses to this email.


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