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Re: Summit hacking / Single Sign On (DC14 registration)

Re: Gerald Turner 2014-03-22 <[🔎] 87siqa6ouj.fsf@zoth-ommog.unzane.com>
> Hi, I'm attempting to hack on summit this weekend, and need to clear up
> some confusion after having reviewed the recent Debian SSO work and in
> particular this bit:
>   “The web password is one way of logging into Debian's single sign-on
>    system.  There may be other ways (such as via Alioth) deployed in the
>    future.  Unfortunately this means that at the moment only Debian
>    Developers can authenticate using single signon.”¹
> Also this bit:
>   “Agenda • add Alioth LDAP backend for identifying users”²
> … so in other words I, for example, wouldn't be able to login with my
> Alioth account 'gturner-guest'.

If you go to https://sso.debian.org/sso/login, there's an "Alioth
login" box, so I'm not sure what your question is.

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